Astrology exists in the realm of becoming and not in the state of BEING!


Astrology exists in the realm of becoming and not in the state of BEING! First off that means that astrology only exists in this time and space, which is different from BEING! Being exists in all time and space. So which one a better state to be in? I am not sure there is an answer for this as it seems since we live here on this earth in this present time we would have to use both rules to achieve something. But wait is wanting to achieve an expectation which would not be living in the realm of presence. Yes, I think so  the state of being would really mean just living today the best way possible and taking care of any responsibility that we could today as well.

Sometimes I hear clients or friends speak about controlling their future, and one person I know wants to relocate to have a better life, and another one wants to travel on vacation for her birthday so they can harness this better energy they think they can get at these certain places, and yes I do tend to think in astrological terms before anything else, but I also know if you are here right now in this time space there must be something you need to be in that exact space for, so I don’t think in certain cases (becoming) in the realm of astrology is always the answer, in fact sometimes it gets on my nerves when I see people trying to escape the inevitable. I suppose it should not get on my nerves but it does, I think all beings including myself should always embrace change because that IS one thing we can always count on.

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