Astrology Transits June 30th – July 15th

June 30th: Mercury Rx Inferior Conjunction at 9° Cancer Square Mars, Trine Moon

Mercury, the planet of the intellect, memory and perception has been in retrograde motion over the last few weeks and is approaching the middle of the cycle. Any communication or information blockages you may have experienced as of late will dissolve as channels of intuitive wisdom burst open during this time. Knowledge you’ve been waiting for will come to you if you open yourself up as a conduit for divine inspiration. Getting out of your own way is essential. Mercury and the Sun are making a challenging aspect to Mars in Aries, which could bring about a challenging situation in regard to the actions of a male figure. This situation and date is key to watch out for, and holds a clue or provides insight into a decision that may be made when the retrograde cycle ends. There’s potential for a new emotional beginning for some as Mercury stations at 5° Cancer, the sign of feeling and the emotional body. Aligning heart and mind is crucial for you to be able to make critical decisions in life but even more so during this period. 

July 4th/5th: Lunar Eclipse T-Square to Chiron

 A lunar eclipse is like a super-charged full moon. This celestial event is the final eclipse cycle of the summer. When it makes a challenging aspect to Chiron, the wounded healer, it can bring about circumstances that trigger your deepest fears. The wound, however, as Rumi says, is where the light enters you. If you’re willing to work with the emotional pain as you’re triggered, you could potentially experience a rebirth during this time. Use this opportunity to reflect, be still, nurture yourself. Also, don’t take the demands of others too personally, remind them that you can’t give away what you don’t have. As the lunar light of this eclipse rains down on your emotional body, allow it to illuminate the dark tomb of your subconscious, so that you may become aware of the self-sabotaging mechanisms that prevent you from experiencing life to the fullest. 

July 10th: Chiron stations Rx Conjunction to Mars Square Mercury in Rx

Chiron, the wounded healer, is taking center stage at this time, and its energy is amplified as he stations to begin his yearly retrograde sojourn. During retrograde cycles, planetary energies are reversed, which means,   we internalize their effect on our consciousness. In regard to Chiron retrograde, this can be uncomfortable to those who resist their natural selves as this inner resistance is intensified during this period. Unresolved trauma or drama could also return to the forefront of your mind to integrate. For those who don’t know themselves, they may not know where even to start when it comes to confronting their shadow. The key is to turn inwards, as the answers you seek are already encoded within your consciousness. This cycle is an invitation to readjust your perception. Mars in Aries perfectly aligned with Chiron only makes this period even more intense. You’ll, no doubt, be urged to take a new approach to self-discovery if your ways of going about things have stagnated your progression. 

July 12th: Sun Squares Mercury (Waning Moon) Opposing Jupiter/Pluto and T-Square to Mercury Stations Direct the Next Day 

I can’t help but get the feeling there is revolutionary energy at work here, and this energy is inviting us to ask what the collective consciousness needs right now. In a year that many prefer to forget, some will feel a sense of calling in their lives. Rioting and division isn’t the way forward─we must realize maturity and harmony amongst ourselves. There are peaceful methods to destroy barriers; fighting fire with fire only creates more fire. Innovation can spark now, so that we may finish this year on a high note. 

Mercury is turning direct tomorrow, and this reinforces my point. Typically, astrologers tell people not to make any crucial decisions until after Mercury retrograde cycle has passed. But  many will have a clear indication of what they need to do or jump early at it, to help bring balance back into their own personal lives and our society. Jupiter and Pluto’s conjunction, for a second time this year, will only magnify many of the issues our society faces. I expect, however, that when Saturn hit’s Pluto a little bit later, that we’ll see practical solutions emerge, all around the globe. 

Written by Melissa Martinez (Divine Scarlet) & Edited by Craig Woods.

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